We receive many unique questions and requests about our facility daily; below you will find some of the most frequent and commonly asked questions. Here at the Astoria Complex Catering Hall, we like to explain and answer every question with as much detail as possible. If you ever had/have the opportunity to speak to Victor in person or over the phone, he likes to give as much details,insights and most of all... reality to every question he receives. All of our customers appreciate the time he takes in explaining all possible options. Please take our responses with the upmost dignity and respect as some of our answers might seem a little intimidating to some people

1. Why is there no pricing on the website? This is the most common and frequent question we get. It's very simple, Many customers call up and only ask 1 thing, how much is it?, which essentially means they are going to base the hall on its price and not on what we have to offer. During the tour of the facility, we go in depth by showing you all the possibilities such as tables, chairs, lighting, projectors, bar options and food options we have to offer; all of which affect the pricing of the event. Aside from all of the halls features and beauty, our exclusive feature is that we do ONE EVENT PER DAY. This means your special day is YOUR DAY, we do not rush you or stress you about timing like other halls do. We only have one room and only one event per day, so if you are planning your wedding or a sweet 16, you will be the only Bride/Princess here.

2. What is your price range? Keeping in mind what was said above, we only do one event per day, so exclusivity is one factor to remember when shopping for halls. Many questions are needed to answer this question such as do you need the hall to supply food? Are you looking for an open bar? do you need glassware and silverware? do you need linen? do you need servers to serve and clean the hall? How long do you want the event to be? ect. The list of questions are almost endless, however in reality all the questions effect pricing. At our hall almost 95% of our events are fully catered, meaning we supply the food and the big question is the bar situation.The other 5% are events that bring their own food and choose not to have an open bar, meaning their guests will pay for their own drinks. Price varies depending on the amount of people, the length of the event, and the bar situation. To give the best answer to this question, would be that the hall requires a minimum of $4,000 to run an event at the exclusivity of one event per day. However please note we cannot do a 200 person event for $4,000 as some people would assume $4,000 would be a fully catered event and open bar for 200 people. Again there are many pricing options we have, however we would not be able to do any events or "room rentals" for less than $4,000 at 60 people.

3. Can I rent just the hall? This is a Yes and no question, "Anything is possible for the right price" Can you rent the hall with only tables and chairs for 200 people at $2,000? No, No we cannot. We cannot give our beautiful hall with chandeliers, white walls, real full functioning bar, intelligent lighting and 5 screen projectors for $10 Per person. Many factors are taken in each event, not only our hall but everywhere else if you think about it. Do you need tablecloths? Do you need real silverware and glassware? Who's going to make the food? Who's going to serve the food?  Who's going to clean the hall when the event is done? Who's supplying drinks... how can those drinks stay cold? The list again is endless. When we get this question we ask 4 main questions to the customer.

1. Do you need linen (table clothes/napkins) 2. Do you Need our silverware, glassware, and plate ware. 3. Whats the food situation... you request to bring your own food, but do you need servers to serve the food? Do you need the chafing dishes and sternos?  4. Whats the Bar situation... do you want an open bar or have your guests buy their own drinks? What about soda and juice. Depending on the answers to the questions would result in a certain price

4. Can I bring my own alcohol? As per order of the New York Health Department,Department of Buildings and Department of Consumer affairs and liquor authority, any outside alcohol is PROHIBITED. We have a liquor license and any outside alcohol entering the facility would result in licenses being revoked and facility being shut down.

5. What's your price range if the hall caterers the event? Pricing always depends on the bar situation, our common package is the Bronze package, which is a 4 hour long event, buffet style dinner with 7 choices and again the big question is the bar situation. Also keep in mind the more people the lower the price, we do a 60 adult minimum to a 200 person maximum. Pricing can range from $40-$90 per person all depending on the bar situation and the amount of people.

4. Do You offer sit down dinners? Yes we offer sit down dinner options as well. Buffet dinners are very common at our hall, but we have had a good amount of sit down dinners as well. Sit down dinners, although they are more elegant looking than a buffet dinner, cost a little bit more compared to a buffet style dinner simply because there is more staff needed. A sit down dinner will run an additional $25-$30 more per person compared to a buffet dinner.

5. Does your hall have a sound system? No we do not have a in house sound system. We do have the intelligent lighting and projector screens and TV's through out the hall, however we never pursued installing a sound system as many Professional DJ's always want to use their equipment. ALL PROFESSIONAL DJ's will always want to bring heir own setups as they know the in's and outs of their systems. Also we do not have any microphones or sound whatsoever.

6. How does linen work? Do you have gold and silver linen?  We rent our linen from two companies, White Plains Linen and A+ Linen supply. Our packages include BASIC POLYESTER LINEN, so we have most colors that our customers request. At the top of this website you can find the linen creator/ editor which is provided by white plains linen. As far as Gold and Silver as a Color; we do have these colors, HOWEVER our version of silver would be considered grey and our version of gold would be a kind of mustard yellow. The Reason we say this is because the fabric that is included is Polyester; for you to get a true gold or silver look, you will need linen made of SATIN. Satin linen is available however it is an additional cost. Same goes for unique linen with patterns and designs, we have this linen however it is a extra fee. We normally suggest a decorator to supply this type of linen as our rental company charges a hefty fee for this specialty linen.

7. Can i Change my Linen Colors once we chose them?  Unfortunately we would not be able to change linen colors once the order is placed. Remember we receive all final details 2 weeks prior to the event, this included the food menu, the amount of people and the linen colors. Since we rent our linen, we do not have a supply of linen in storage. Linen is delivered to us every Thursday, and it is delivered 1 week prior to your event so we ensure we can iron the linen.